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The Glenn Miller Trust

A Noble and Great American Musician(Sam Casale 1996)


Don't be fooled! I've said it myself, and I get comments from you almost daily saying
"Is the Big Band Era really over this time around"?

"Is the Big Band Era really over this time around"?

It is true however that those bands who ran the marathon bringing the music of the big band swing era to us all by travelling around the county for the last four decades plus, do now seems to have run out of steam. It's not that they do not have the enthusiasm to keep this marvellous music alive and well for us to enjoy but that a combination of the ageing fans who were around, some of us when the first big band era was in full swing, don't get out much any more for a number of reason, ill health for starters but also the recession has not helped. The rising cost of travel, seat prices rising because of all those 'Add-Ons' over and above the seat price, can you believe it, 'Handling Charge', they actually charge you for handlingyour cash. These things have together effectively reduce the paying public to venture out to see these once essential 'MUST' big band concerts.In 1969 following Syd Lawrence's rehearsal band success which started the big band revival of Glenn Miller's music in particular, led to an explosive reaction of big band music once again here in the UK.

Helped tremendously by his TV appearances and radio broadcasts then but which is sadly lacking today all but the occasional John Wilson concerts.

With audience numbers down in many cases by up to seventy percent, bookings obviouslyhave suffered, making if unviable for, in the first place a full size big band of quality players making the trip of several hundred miles to play a concert to an almost empty theatre near you regularly, as was the norm just a few years ago.

We have seen the list of engagements reducing steadily in recent years and certainly many of the popular regular venues are not encouraged by the poor ticket sales to bother with having a big band into the venue when they are able to book other more lucrative shows.

But is this the end of the Big Bands as we know it in this country?

Don't be fooled into thinking this.

Certainly we have to admit we will not see those most popular bands touring so extensively but undoubtedly there are hundredsif not thousand of Big Bands, Jazz groups, Quartets and solo artists, performing our kind of music almost in every town and city up and down the country, you only have to look around andyou'll find them.My website has lacked listing these bands to a great extent but we do try to feature them when we can and have done in our magazine over the last 15 years but now it is painfully obvious that a lot more has to be done to promote the local and regional bands to advance your awareness that they exist. This month we feature several that are popular to their local audiences and are first class full size big bands that are doing a great job.I shall search out more of these bands but with your help too I hope you will let us know who's around performing in your town, and I shall continuing building up my list of these bands on the website, and featuringthem in our magazine.If you are a regular listeners to Sunday night at BBC radio 2 with Clare Teal, she continually updates a list of performing bands for the following week and it seems the list is getting bigger and bigger. These bands and her play list and her programme can be found of the BBC Radio 2 website.

Pete King.


Just a few to mention above among many to be found in the UK

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