Glenn Miller Twinwood Project
Proposed Glenn Miller Twinwood Trust

Secretary: Richard Green
Aldersley House, Pendeford Park, Wobaston Road Wolverhampton WV9 5HE


At 1.55 pm on 15th December 1944, one of the worlds most famous bandleaders Glenn Miller took off from Twinwood Airfield, 3 miles north of Bedford to fly to Paris, where he was due to organise a series of concerts with his orchestra, for the advancing Allied forces.

The Norseman aircraft in which he was flying disappeared, and Glenn Miller was never seen again. His music lives on however, and countless numbers of Glenn Miller fans around the world keep his memory alive by listening to his music and attending sell-out tribute concerts.

The control tower at Twinwood Farm has stood for nearly 60 years as a silent, empty shell to be visited by large numbers of fans and United States veterans who want to pay tribute to the man whose music they remember.

Now, thanks to the kindness of the land owners at the Farm, a Trust is being formed that will see the restoration of the control tower and its re-opening as a Glenn Miller Memorial Museum. Soon, visitors will not only be able to visit the place where Glenn Miller was last seen alive but they will be able to view many items connected with his life, especially in relation to his close ties in the Bedford area in 1944.

A Steering Committee was formed on Glenn Miller’s birthday, 1st March to administer the project and the members of the committee are:-

Chairman: Pete King of Big Band Buddies

Vice Chairman: Connie Richards - a local lady who met Glenn, and who, with her husband Gordon, is the UK Representative of the 8th Air Force Historical Society

Secretary: Richard Green

Committee Member: John Watson – former leader of the Glenn Miller UK

Special Technical
Advisor: Chris Way, author of Glenn Miller in Britain – Then and Now.


There are profiles and contact details of the committee members overleaf. Also overleaf, is our artists impression of how we hope the control tower will look when the museum opens.

Obviously, a great deal of help is going to be needed to open and run the museum.

If you would like to support us please register your interest by returning the enclosed to Pete King, Connie Richards or Richard Green by post, fax or email (address details given in the profiles) We would also be grateful to receive a joining fee of £15 to help us to get the project started.

You will receive regular newsletters, and we will be in touch with you when we need help with the work at Twinwood.

You can also visit our website on HYPERLINK http://www.bigbandbuddies/ (Glenn Miller Twinwood Trust).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Green – Secretary
on behalf of the Committee

Following a meeting on the 8th March, by the committee of the Cornwall Branch of the SLOS outline plans were agreed to hold a live big band concert later thisyear for the purpose of recruiting members and raising funds for our local branch.
Present at this meeting was chairman Pete King, Treasurer Clive Edwards, Liaison officer Tony Wild, Committee members Pam Edwards and Matt Cooney and special guest member John Austin.
It was at our first ever meeting last year when the subject of music and the youth of todays choice of music that prompted many of us to deplore the kind of music the younger generation seem to prefer. It was Johnny Austin who got up to defend the youth of today telling us that as a music teacher and as we all know a very talented musician himself, he said that he teaches many youngsters who do indeed love the Big Band music of the past and many of them play this music to a very high standard, to this end he proposed to prove this to us by offering to bring one of his youth bands to show us how good they are and how they do indeed appreciate the kind of music us old ' has been' think so much of. (Johnny did not indeed call us old ' has-beens' but it is a term I have often had aimed at me while listening to my music).
Since that meeting much thought and discussion has gone on and we felt that not only could we as a society benefit from such a venture but also it would help the band and school to raise funds to help them. At this recent meeting an agreement was reached by all concerned that a full 18 piece band from the Helston school organised by John Austin could be made available to us probably in September of this year (final date to be confirmed) . Tony Wild is to arrange the venue which is proposed to be in Newquay
Pete King