Chairman – Pete King

A GLENN MILLER FAN – what more needs to be said!

In the interest of giving a full profile:-

Pete was born the same year has his hero, Glenn Miller formed his first band – 1937.

Pete lived near Northolt Airforce base at Hillingdon in Middlesex, and his home was just half a mile from the runway – on the flight path of every aircraft returning from raids over the channel, and he saw many scary landings from his bedroom window! The buzz bombs (VI) would also fly over the house on their way to designated targets in London, and Pete sometimes wonders if the one that just issued Glenn in Sloane Square in 1944 first flew over this house.

Pete has been married for 40 years, celebrating his Ruby wedding anniversary in September 2000. He has two sons and three grandchildren.

Pete served in the Royal Air Force as did all three of his brothers and father. He spent four years in bases in England, Aden, the Persian Gulf, Malta and North Africa.

Pete first remembers hearing Glenn Miller’s music during the warm and he had one tune in his mind at the age of seven or eight that has remained with him all these years, and that was Glenn’s version of ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’. At the age of twelve he was given a wind up gramophone with a pack of ‘78’ records and his two favourites were ‘Beyond the Blue Horizon’ – by someone whose name escapes him – and Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’. Both records were played to destruction!

At the age of fourteen, Pete began to collect records and many of them are long gone but it was fortunate that in the 50’s he was able to replace them on the new vinyl discs. Pete bought just about everything he could in the Glenn Miller issues and he now has a very large collection of Miller music.

Pete has lived in Cornwall since getting married in 1960. He has run several businesses, and was elected Vice Chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Town Promotions Scheme which over a three-year period in the early 80’s raised £40,000. This was spent in the town on a lighting scheme and various promotions and advertisements.

Pete launched his Big Band Buddies Web Site two and half years ago which has reached Glenn Miller fans all over the world who now correspond regularly. These include many musicians, band leaders, and members of the original Glenn Miller band or their offspring.

The Glenn Miller Project rose from an article that Pete wrote in a Concert Magazine after visiting the Control Tower at Twinwood – now Brownswood Farm. He was so moved by the experience of walking through that building that he commented how great it would be to save the tower as a Museum and Visitors Centre for Glenn Miller fans. It was Richard Green who took up his challenge and got things moving.

Now, together with Connie Richards and John Watson, with the assistance of Chris Way, we are a team ready to make this happen on your behalf.

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