Glenn Miller Conspiracy

6th April 2009


Theories abound about what really happened to swing era icon Glenn Miller. The facts, as presented don't add up, reports went missing and a variety of stories have surfaced.

Now, award winning journalist Hunton Downs, Lt. Col, US Army, Ret., who has spent more than 60 years putting together pieces of this puzzle, offers the most definitive - and fascinating - account of this mysterious disappearance

On You tube you can see him talking about his book but for convenience to our readers this is what he says:-


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Read the statement from the University of Colorado Glenn Miller Archives.

for comments on this book.....

I'm a writer and a journalist and I'm a very curious guy. My Military Service was all in WW2.
They hauled me in and put me not only with Arm Forces Radio Service but with the intelligence work that we were doing. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into.

Then suddenly I hear the wonderful, warm, beautiful voice speaking German and I said to the General "Come on that sounds like Glenn Miller.

What he was doing was addressing the German troops telling them to surrender and not to believe in the garbage that got from Hitler and all his stuff. Hitler was just expending them and running Germany into the ground.

Glenn Miller was declared missing as everyone knows supposedly gone down into the English Channel in a curious kind of plane flight which a lot of people didn't believe.

Very weird thing that happened and overlooked by the Russians they found the library of the SS or the Gestapo. Because of my experience in the war I noticed the name in English, it was Miller and then I noticed it had to do with Eisenhower and it had to do will certain broadcasting and I learned from a Captain, he said, "You know the story is not true about Glenn Miller going in the channel" I said, What! Well how do you know, you weren't there" Well he said, "I read the file", he said "What everyone in the world thinks is not true, there' a whole different story.

You have to understand that in those days Glenn Miller was the SUPER STAR. He was far better known than Eisenhower was when he was in command of SHAPE.(Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe)
He was a top guy like Elvis for instance. His job was to be the go-between with the German Generals who wanted to surrender, he would be able to go on the air speaking in German, which he did, explain to the German troops in a voice they knew and recognized what this was all about. So that they would believe the armistice was in effect, that was the plan.

Glenn Miller wound up becoming a prisoner of the SS they tried to force him by torture to take them to Versaille, he refused to do it, they tortured him which resulted in his death.

This whole affair of he going down in the Channel was top secret for the government was a cover up. They had it covered up for a reason they thought was valid at that time. Maybe they were valid then but they are not valid now.


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