Glenn Miller's Legacy

In 2004 we celebrated Glenn Miller's centennial year, and there were many celebration concerts going on around the world.

On BBC radio here in the UK we had several programmes broadcast about Glenn Miller the man, and his music. Although some of the programmes were not necessary accurate in their content, or lets say up to date with some of their 'dated' interviews, especially about his disappearance, the music content was very welcome.

It is I think widely accepted and known by all Miller enthusiasts that Glenn Miller was not necessary liked by all of the musicians who worked for him. He was tough and strict, and made his feeling known to anyone who broke the rules, his rules. Many of those musician years later would now accept that Glenn was probably right in the way he controlled the band, the end result was that the music of Glenn Miller is still the most popular of all the big band music that now survives, and his music is being played somewhere every day not only in the UK but in many countries around the world and most successfully in the USA.

His legacy surely must be that without his music thousands of musicians around the world would not have a job. It is without doubt that many bands today survive only by playing music of Glenn Miller for the most part. Yes I know there are other bands playing music of other great bands of the big band era but find me one where they make a living out of it. The bands today that survive are those who mainly promote Glenn Miller's Music, like it or not.

For these bands, it is still tough to make a good living because the punters, mainly the fifty plus age group, and the majority of those in the sixty plus age group, cannot afford to pay the seat prices that these bands should receive. Where the pop groups of today can demand £100 or more a ticket, the big bands are limited to maximum £25 mostly around the £15 mark (UK).

The musicians cannot earn enough from their fee to make a living unless they are fortunate enough to have other outlets whether that is teaching or other bands to play in or whatever.

What is a remarkable fact is that if it was not for Glenn Miller, big band music today would not be as popular as it is. During the last four decades big bands made a big come having gone in fast decline in the late 1940's. Dance hall were closing around the world and the music was in great danger of dieing.

In the early 1970's this all began to change and it was now the concert halls that were becoming popular and the music demanded was Glenn Millers.

Because of his music many new bands began to appear playing not only his music but also many of the other great music from that magical age of the Big Bands.

Glenn Miller's music not only kept the big bands alive it also was responsible for keeping many thousand of musicians in work and continues to do so to this day around the world..

This is Glenn Miller's Legacy.