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The Big Band scene is just not happening in the UK but is going on around the world. To what extent it is hard to know as I do rely heavily on you members, web surfers, and reporters sending me this information in order Big Band Buddies can share it around on our sites.

What I do know of course is that there are still many great bands around playing our kind of music, rarely are there many that perform regularly throughout the year, week in week out, the exception being The Glenn Miller Orchestra in the USA currently directed by Larry O'Brien. Other bands that carry that official name are still working well but not as much as just a few years ago and leading up to Glenn's centennial year 2004.







There are many bands, (albeit not employing a permanent full band of musicians) that give out-standing performances here in the UK and from the list we find on the Internet in other countries as well. I have been fortunate to see some of these bands perform live in their native countries and on occasions on some of the Big Band cruises.

Over the years I have seen live performances by some of the greatest bands and singers including Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Gene Kruper, Harry James Band, Ray McKinley and the New Glenn Miller Orchestra, Buddy DeFranco's Glenn Miller Orchestra, Larry O'Brien's Glenn Miller Orchestra and not forgetting our own Ray McVay and the UK Glenn Miller Orchestra. Then there was the Ted Heath Band, Ella Fitgerald, Syd Lawrence, Chris Dean, Buddy Morrow, Andy Prior, Nick Ross, Jack Million, Jan Slottneas, Pete Long's Echoes of Ellington, and his Goodman concerts, The 'Back to Basie' Orchestra, many groups and smaller bands, and a whole host of band singers, the list too long to include.

However during the most recent years two bands that have made a lasting impression on me for several reasons are the bands that are based in Belgium and Sweden. Both these bands I have reported extensively in past editions of Big Band Buddies magazine, and both are performing around Europe with great success and not only that they regularly release CD's which include many of Glenn Miller's rarely heard numbers, if ever, and certainly rarely performed live.

A bandleader recently told me that it's only the well-known tunes that the public want to hear, which quite frankly I find hard to believe because I have sat in the audience of some of these concerts played by the two bands in question, the Jack Million Band directed by Jack Coenen and the Jan Slottenäs band, and I'm sure by the reactions of the audiences they loved to hear these OLD tunes played by the NEW bands the music BORROWED from Glenn leaving us all with that BLUE afterglow.

Jan Slottenäs is one of those Miller devotee's, as is Jack Coenen who are able to reproduce on stage as near perfect to Glenn Miller's sound both his civilian and AAF.


Jan Slottenäs having appeared at Clarinda several times in recent years is again touring extensively with his amazing orchestra around Europe and Scandinavia. In September 2008 Jan played concerts in Norway, Sweden and in Germany they played two concerts in Berlin and one in Hamburg. In November and December he will perform 20 of his Christmas shows in Glenn Miller Mood.
The orchestra is on tour through 2009/10 into Norway, Denmark, and Germany and of course extensively in Sweden.

Highlights were on the 31st March 09 - 3rd and 5th April.09 when Jan included Strings with the orchestra to play tribute concerts to Glenn Miller's AAF Orchestra.
Highlights were on the 31st March 09 - 3rd and 5th April 09 when Jan included Strings with the orchestra to play tribute concerts to Glenn Miller's AAF Orchestra. During April 09 the band played a number of tribute concerts of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman in Sweden and in Finland as well with more up coming in September 09 in Germany and Denmark. In 2010 Jan Slottenas and his orchestra will celebrate their 25 years in the business with a series of special concerts in Sweden.

This Orchestra is so good if you can make the trip to Sweden or any of the other countries the orchestra is visiting, you will not be disappointed.

Full details of his concert can be found on the web site below for the English version:









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