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The Noorduyn Norseman Known as the Flying Viking

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The Norseman C64 was the aircraft in which Glenn Miller flew in on route to France on the 15th December 1944. That aircraft disappeared over the English Channel on that day with the loss of Major Glenn Miller, the Pilot; Flight Officer John Morgan, and Lt.Col. Norman. F. Baessell.

The Aircraft had the allocated USAAF serial Number 44-70285

What happened to that aircraft and it's passengers has been the subject on many programmes, publications, and conspiracy theories since that day in December 1944.

When I first began to learn about Glenn Miller and his disappearance I have always believe in what many broadcast statement were made in those early days after the event, that the reason his aircraft disappeared was due to ice forming in the carburettor as it flew low (1500ft) over the English channel (on route to France) as the weather that day was cold, foggy and dizzily. It was also stated that no other aircraft were flying that day because of the weather conditions and that Glenn Miller hitched a unofficial flight with a Col Baessell. The flight apparently not *logged in at RAF Twinwood Farm.

(* The reason for the flight was not logged in was because the Pilot Ft. Officer John Morgan did not cut his engine, he just taxied to a stop, Miller and Baessell boarded and they took off again. Had he stopped his engine then the flight woukd have been booked in as aircraft landed and then logged out again.)

Since then we had dozens of different stories being published in magazine, newspapers and books with many different accounts on what happened to Glenn Miller. Many of those people telling the stories were of the belief that they knew the true facts. Some of these stories outrages other seemly quite possible but none ever proved and remain as just theories or made up stories, may be for the benefit of boosting their publications.

Their was never an 'official' announcement from the Military at the time of Glenn disappearance as to what actually happen to him leading to even more speculation that this was such secret event that no one should know the facts, a cover-up.
This bothered many of his fans and only increased the interest to discover more, and books about this conspiracy of silence fueled even more stories. Totally innocent events pieced together to compile and totally imaginary event or events that took place from the day almost when Glenn Miller stepped into this country.(UK) July 1944.

For me having read most if not all of these stories I found them way above my head in the complicated scenarios that were suggested and the more I read these books the more I came to the conclusion that the first story I ever heard was the most likely unhappy event. Glenn Miller just in the wrong place at the wrong time and took the wrong discussion that day to fly.

One of the latest books to be published on this subject was by a former US Colonel Hutton Downs who, as a post-war journalist, receive the Edward R. Murrow citation for his Cold War coverage and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Vietnam. So a man with some high regard and also having also publish 4 books.

His account of what happened to Glenn Miller sent shock waves into the Glenn Miller Achieves centre and the University of Colorado who are the Guardians of Glenn Miller's civil and military history and who have thousand of photos, document and memorabilia on Glenn Miller, his life, his family and his Military career.
Hutton down book was Title The GLENN MILLER Conspiracy. Subtitled THE SHOCKING TRUE STORY OF HOW HE DIED AND WHY.

The publicity for this book was such that although my first instant was 'OH no yet another ridiculous story about our hero's disappearance, never the less I had to by it on the off chance that maybe something new would be revealed, so naturally it was a book to read and again trying to understand the multitude of documents that were included and the events taking place at that time leading up to and during the battle of the Bulge I was confused as many were and just could get my head around these complicated writing.
I was therefore happy to receive an announcement from the Glenn Miller archives disputing many of the claims made in the book and very soon after a statement released by the University of Colorado-Glenn Miller Achieves submitted by Alan Cass and Denis Spragg reviewed by Ed Polic and Steve Miller that disclaimed many of the statements made in the book.

Other books published which include references to Glenn disappearance are listed at this link. (Books)

In 2010/11 Denis Spragg arrived in the UK to further collect information and documents relating the Glenn Miller's time in this Country. He met up with Chris Way a dedicated historian of Glenn Miller and was author of several books about War time Big Bands and a valued book for all enthusiasts on the subject Glenn Miller in Britain Then and Now. He also met up with the Owners of part of the Wartime Airfield RAF Twinwood Farm, now run as Twinwood Events Ltd. in the restored control Tower which housed the Glenn Miller exhibition and RAF museum. (photo's)

Col. Baessell

Pilot Fl.Officer John Morgan


Dennis Spragg

John Miller, Chris Way, Dennis Spragg,

Elizabeth and Dave Wooding

The Restored Control Tower 2003


Interior of one of the display rooms

Chris Way's Book