Tex tributes Continued

More Tributes from Big Band Buddies.

Dear Peter, Thanks for sending me the sad news. I always felt that Tex was the closest link we had to GM these past few decades. And now he's gone. As I told a friend, I can just hear Glenn Miller up there now .... "Hello there Texas, whatchu say?" Sincerely, Joanne

Peter: Thankyou for the e-mail. I just now got around to checking it for the first time in over a week. In case you didn't know I am a fireman here in Florida and if you've seen the news at all lately we've had our hands full. I am very sad to here about Tex. I would have loved to have met him. From my understanding he was very ill for quite sometime, and given his age, I guess he had enough. God bless him. It was real nice to here from you again. Please stay in touch. Bill Mills

Alas! I knew this could happen, but of course, it happened as I tried to write him a letter. I think we can be happy anyhow to see that Tex was with us for such a long and productive life. I myself, and I think all the fellows saxophonist and music lovers can pay a tribute to Tex in particular,and to big band music in general. God bless Him, and I'd like to think that now Tex is now rehearsing with Glenn and his old buddies up there in Heaven's Big Band. Many thanks to you, Pete, Paolo Piccardo

Thank you for letting me know. How sad - there's a jolly good band up there!
Don Lusher Big Band

Thanks for e-mail about Tex Beneke, I think a very successful life came to an end, may he rest in peace and we remember him as long as we live.
thank you Peter, I keep you posted, Wim van den berg.

Peter, thank you for the information. I knew Tex was ill but it's news to me that he died. What was the date and, if you know it, the cause? Tex has given me much pleasure with his music. I often think of him, especially when playing In The Mood for example. We play the original Miller arrangement and my lead tenor player always has trouble with that big drop from high D to low Bb, that Tex did so smoothly. Bob

Dear Peter,
Thank you for taking the trouble to e-mail me on the very sad loss of Tex Beneke.My prayers go out to his family and friends on their sad loss.On your last e-mail you spoke about about the radio stations around the world forsaken us older listeners and the sad loss of Tex only confirms those words,because the loss of Tex is yet another loss to our  heritage and yet another loss to the wonderful Glenn Miller and his fellow muscians all over the world. Tex Beneke"Gone but not forgotten"by all of his fans. Regards and i shall e-mail you soon. Syd Hughes

Many more tributes were sent, and I passed them on the Tex's family.

Liesl Beneke a close cousin of Tex sent this reply to you all:-
Thank you so much for your kind words. They brought tears to MY eyes. We are all so sad to lose such a wonderful man. He was old but it just never seemed like he would die. I am sure Tex read your letters. He LOVED to get letters from people who enjoyed his music. He was not big on writing back only because he had palsy and had trouble writing. Thank you so much for your web page and for your kind words. Sincerely, Liesl Beneke

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