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No 2 JULY 1999

By George its TEX!
Tex Beneke spotted on Desert Island

Dear Peter,  
I just got back from a Fourth of July party on Mount Desert Island, Maine (near Bar Harbor) where I had the surprise of my life.  The host of the party, a VERY wealthy and GENEROUS Wall Street broker, treats the local folks in and around Northeast Harbor to one hell of a Fourth of July Wingding.  He usually has live entertainment of several varieties.  I was totally astounded when I walked up to the band stand and saw an elderly and somewhat frail gentleman sitting behind a music stand that said "Tex Beneke."  I asked a women sitting next to me, who seemed to be really into the music, if that was THE Tex Beneke.  She didn't know. Although he didn't play, he announced the songs and when he started to sing Chattanooga Choo Choo the distinctive voice I had heard for years on recordings rang true, albeit a little weak.  I was in heaven!!!  The band, 15 pieces in all, was quite good and had the distinctive Miller sound.  They played two sets, at least an hour each.  I sat on the lawn 20 feet from the band stand.   The lush, full sound was unbelievable! It was such a wonderful experience that I came home I found your site on the web. I didn't know a lot of his history with the Miller band, and appreciated your article about him. It was such an exciting night I had to share it with someone.


George Urbanneck


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