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Glenn Miller Festival Continued....

 During the show I was to make my self available to visiting Big band Buddies one of who arrived in this country a week or so before from South Africa and was to fly back the next day. He was only able to stay a few hours and missed so much of
the event, he was in fact the musical director of one of the worlds best big bands, The Jonny Cooper band based in South Africa and doing there what Syd Lawrence did in this country in the 1970's and whose legacy is still enjoyed by thousands around the country as Chris Dean the Director, tours with his Syd Lawrence Orchestra.

Jonny Cooper with Bill Baker

Beryl Davis with Jonny Cooper

 Tony Strudwick and Jonny Cooper

Jonny was inspired to form his band after seeing Syd Lawrence years earlier. His band is truly one of the finest you will see today.
Johnny is hoping to come to England next year with the band hopefully to play at Twinwood and other venues.


Jonny Cooper
I was also to meet bandleader Bill Baker from Holland who had arrived later in the morning having traveled from Holland via the North Sea ferry with his band to England. He was in fact working at 2am that morning in his bakery in Holland before dashing home packing and then making his way to the ferry port arriving in UK several hours later and then a coach trip to the site. Within a couple of hours he was playing on stage.

Before that however we were to see a Jive and Jitterbug display in the hanger with dancers all dressed in 1940's style dress. I must learn to do this but at my age it could kill me. Oh No !.... I just met a lady well into her sixties and she who is mentally living in the 1940s (well just for today she does) and dressed to match, does all this hot swinging and twisting. Yes I will have a go ?..
next year..................?.maybe...??
Terry Elliot entertained us with his selection of 40's big band music, and song on record from all the great of that era (our kind
of music)

Jonny Cooper Band.....................

Bill Baker Big Band...................

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