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Glenn Miller Festival Continued....


A fashion show took place in the hanger with all those who had made the effort to dress in the fashions of the forties we so well remember when we were just kids.
Some of these fashions were so smart and beautiful that it would certainly be preferred to the casual look we all seem to dress into today. To travel on buses, trains, even aircraft these days no one seems to dress up any more.
We are now so casually dressed almost to the point of scruffiness even those who appear on our TV screens.
No I'm not knocking it, I'm the same, its so easy, and so comfortable but this 1940's get up sure make you think it would be nice to have the time to dress up and look good.

At 4.40pm right on time to Dave Wooding's schedule theTony Strudwick band was back in action this time in the hanger playing some great Glenn Miller swing numbers with many dancers filling the dance floor and swinging into some spectacular jiving. 

With adequate covered areas we were able to have refreshments and time to reflect on some of the action so far. Refreshed we wondered around
the Military displays where guided tours were going on heavily supported by interested visitors. There were American forces, British tommies and German infantry units all staging wartime encampments, the tour guides explaining what situations were like
in the war time days. AS we walked through the site there were many people dressed in all kinds of uniforms including Military police who were also
doubling as security personnel.

With the numbers of people arriving here I could see there were many people acting as couriers, security, parking attendance and information
attendance not to mention on hand fire service and ambulance crews. This again made me realise how efficiently well-organised venue this was. Toilet facilities we always available but towards the end of the day they were under some pressure, a problem that will I'm sure be rectified next year.

Now at 6.30 pm the high light of the day was about to begin. The first full big band was
squeezed into the covered stage and was greeted with enthusiastic applause.

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