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Glenn Miller Festival Continued....


This was the band of Bill Baker (Whim Zweekhorst) from Rijswijk, in the Netherlands and a group of friends of Wim
Zweekhorst who, after baking the daily bread for the people of Rijswijk, picks up his baritone saxophone and is trans-
formed into Bill Baker, leader of the Bill Baker Big Band.

What makes Bill Baker's Big Band different from other Big Bands is that it thrives on performing and giving never-ending
pleasure when on stage. Musically the band is lead by their great conductor Egbert Kemner.

Egbert Kemner.

The show however is led by Bill Baker himself and as a professional MC he leads the show with an amusing introduction to every song. It never takes long before the spirit of the band catches onto the public.

Whim Zweekhorst (Bill Baker)

The papers write good reviews about Bill Baker's Big Band. All over the world people love the band and the musical idea of baker/musician Wim Zweekhorst alias 'Bill Baker'. He knows the secret, "I bring emotion,? he says. Those three words and the great devotion of the band are the secret of the success of the band. Be it at the 'Rijnmond Jazz Gala' in Rotterdam, at the Daley Plaza in the heart of Chicago, or at the numerous dance-nights in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
Eighteen men and two singers form the band. Amongst them are engineers, shop owners, students and retired people. They have in common that they devote a lot of their spare time to music and Bill Baker's Big Band, and it shows!!

The repertoire of Bill Baker's Big Band is broad. All the great Big Band composers of the 20's 30's 40's and 50's can be found in the repertoire. Depending on the occasion, the band plays in tuxedo for general occasions, in army outfit for the Glenn Miller AAF show (featuring all the great Glenn Miller Songs), or in night-club dress when the band turns to the music of Duke Ellington in a show called 'Dukes Place'.

  The final day of this fabulous weekend was high lighted by Bill Baker and his band giving us an extended concert featuring many of the Miller favorites as well as those not heard so often. As he began his second half he introduced a tune dedicated to the Lancaster aircrew of world war two. The novelty of this
number Keep them Flying was that each of the four trombones were fitted with an ingenious mute made to look like an engine of a bomber complete with revolving propeller.
 Just as the band broke into the number and running some ten minutes earlier or were we late but right on cue a Lancaster bomber and a spitfire flew low ever the stage
and control tower turning and making two more low level
passes greeted by much cheering and applause from the
now huge crowd that had gathered for this final day.

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