Glenn Miller Festival 2003


England's First Glenn Miller Festival


Twinwood Farm RAF Station in Bedford England is where in 1944 Glenn Miller boarded a C64 Norseman aircraft bound for France and was never to be seen again.

 In 1999 I visited this site and discovered that the Control Tower where Glenn had often visited during his stay in England while serving with the USAAF.

Twinwood was a transit point for Glenn and the orchestra who often dropped in to pick up other transport on their continuing tour of American and RAF bases around England.

The control tower in 1999 was a sad looking building with all the superstructure rusted away, windows broken, and doors missing.

Walking through the building on that cold December day in 1999 I was quite moved by the experience knowing that Glenn Miller the man I had admired all my life because of his wonderful music probably had been at this very spot 54 years before I set foot in that place.


I decided then that I would write about this, which I did in several concert magazines. I said in that article that it "would be a pity if the building would be allowed to just disintegrate and be lost forever". The building itself in fact was still structurally sound. In that article I mentioned also that it would be wonderful if the Tower could be saved and renovated back to its original state and perhaps become a Glenn Miller museum.

It was a few months later that I received a phone call from a Richard Green another Glenn Miller fan who spoke of his enthusiasm for this and would like to suggest this to the owner of the property. He agreed to go to see Dave Wooding and was greeted with enthusiasm for the idea. We were given the go ahead to formed a stering committee with an aim to create a Trust for the project and lease the building for this purpose. A rent was agreed and together with Richard we began to recruit members.



Dave Wooding Director

 It was eight months later that Dave Wooding having seen so much interest being aroused that he took a practical decision and said that he would cut short our endeavours and finance the project himself. We sighed with relief, as our undertaking was enormous and would have taken us several years, if ever we were to raise sufficient capital to take on our dream project.

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