BBC To Broadcast 

 Glenn Miller Programme

Glenn Miller Music back on the Radio.

The BBC is planning 2hour programme about Glenn Miller, his music, and his influence his music has made on today music scene.

I received a phone call from Victoria W illiams who had found my website requesting my assistance in locating some of the important Miller alumni and other persons who are involved closely with the Miller Music.
She first explained about her company and the job they have been commissioned to udertake for the BBC:-

CSA WORD is an independent production company, commissioned by BBC
Radio 2 to make a two-part (2 hour) radio documentary entitled THE GLENN
MILLER STORY. Scheduled to be broadcast on flagship Tuesday evening
documentary slot - 24th Feb/2nd March 2004 marking 100th anniversary of
Glenn Miller's birth and the 60th anniversary of his death. The programme will
focus both on the man and his life, those who knew and worked with him, and
the huge influence and legacy of his music. We are speaking to as many
people who were involved with and/or inspired by Glenn Miller and his music.

Director David Benedictus travelled down to Cornwall to meet myself and Tony Wild and we took part in a recorded informal talk about Glenn Miller and his music the stars within the band and our interest in it. An hour recording was made but how much of this if any would be used we can only wonder.

It was a thrilled to do this as I personally like nothing better than to talk about Glenn Miller's music and both Tony and I made much of how well Glenn Miller's music is
being promoted to day around the world.

The programme makers will be attending the Glenn Miller Festival in August at Twinwood in Bedford, in the UK and are on their way to America to interview several of the remaining Band personnel and others involved with the Miller Phenomenon

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