March 2000

Newsletter of the Cornwall Branch
Syd Lawrence Orchestra Society.

Chairmans Letter
This is our forth publication since we formed the Cornwall branch of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra Society I hope you will find this one as interesting as you have indicated to me of the previous ones.
I must thank all Big Band Buddies who have sent me articles for this publication which I have found very interesting to read . Please continue to do so as I believe that this type of magazine should be totally devoted to readers articles for the benefit of all readers. So please 'keep em coming'.
I continually receive emails of support for The Best Big Band in the Land and as you will read several of these are published in the newsletter. I also believe that a magazine such as this should try and answer questions that we receive rather than to print an enquiry but offer no solution. So we will do our best to answer all your questions and if we can't we will contact someone who can. I am personally very pleased to have received letters from the Band directors and the Society chairman and I would like to assure the Band and the Society that this branch of the society will conduct itself in as high a professional way as we know how, to maintain the integrity of all concerned.
It is for me a great thrill to be part of such an organisation that supports the most important band this country has ever produced. ( having said that of course I would not put this next sentence in had I not been certain that the band and the Society would agree) with the exception of the great Ted Heath orchestra we all loved in the 50 and 60's.
The Chris Dean led Syd Lawrence band is moving forward with new tunes and ideas which I'm sure will keep it on top, but I have a list of tunes a yard long that I would love to hear the orchestra play. We have been asked by the society to select tunes which we would like the band to include on a future CD, so lets have your choice and hope that Chris takes a fancy to a few of them. We've got money to spend on CD's Chris?. just keep banging them out.

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