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A Noble and Great American Musician(Sam Casale 1996)

Pete King




Hello my name is Pete King,

This web site has been a wonderful way of communicating with people around the world, and I have made contact with many musicians that in the past I have admired and collected their music. I have been able to assist many organisations as well as Musicians, Bandleaders, Broadcasters and programme makers as well as enthusiasts with information, and they have in turn supplied me with much information about those bands and musician they have known.
Glenn Miller's music and his life story have been of major interest to me and those who play his music today just go to show how his music has captured the hearts of so many people around the world then and now. If you like me have a great love of this man and his music I would love for you to write me your feeling for his music and how and why it has influence you during your life time. Tell me about the bands of today you love to see and hear playing his music.
Send me your stories or articles you would like to have published on this site and in our magazine. You will find plenty of links to other great sites connected with Big Bands on our other website and you can also apply to receive a 40 page quarterly magazine full of news and comments from enthusiasts around the world.













































































































































































































































































































































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