Glenn's Last Flight

by Artist Mark Postlethwaite. GAvA

Born in Leicestershire, England in 1964 , like many of his friends, Mark had only
one ambition during his school years, and that was to fly fast jets with the RAF.
At the age of 13 he was devastated to discover that his eyesight was less than
perfect and therefore unsuitable for military flying. This discovery completely
knocked him for six and it took him years to decide what else he wanted to
do with his life. Eventually after leaving school at 16 and working for the Co-op
or two years , Mark managed to get a job in photography, thanks mainly to a
portfolio he had built up whilst working on a free local newspaper.

At the age of 27, Mark was elected to become the youngest Full Member of the
Guild of Aviation Artists and shortly after, left photography to make a full time
profession in aviation art. His knowledge of his subject was put to the test only
a month after when he competed in and won the TV quiz show The $64,000
Question answering questions on the Battle of Britain. His work so impressed the
host Bob Monkhouse that he bought one of Mark's originals there and then.

Since 1986, Mark Postlethwaite has been working on a series of paintings for the
Norwegian Armed Forces. This work has established him as one of the leading
military artists in Norway. He is renowned by the Norwegians for his ability to
capture their special Norwegian light and his work hangs in many museums up
and down the country He has done numerous TV and radio interviews over
there and has had many articles written about him in the national press

Worldwide, his originals and prints can be found in many major museums and
collections and his work has been featured many times on radio and television.
A major new book of his work is being prepared for publishing in the year 2001.

As for long term ambitions, Mark has simply this. " I want to live a happy and
good life and professionally be the very best in anything that I do." Those who
have met this remarkable young artist have no cause to doubt that he will
achieve his aims.

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