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It's December 2014 and this month it is only natural I guess that we have seen on our TV's and heard on our radios quite a few dedicated programmes about the Big band era, and in particular Glenn Miller. After all it was not unusual for us in the UK to have a dedicated programme about Glenn Miller almost every year at this time, as it was in this month of December 1944 that Glenn Miller disappeared never to be seen again having taken off in a small aircraft (Norseman C64) from RAF Twinwood Farm in Bedfordshire on a day that was reported to be foggy dizzily rain and cold with a cloud ceiling of 200 feet.

The Glenn Miller Trust who's membership is part of the Big Band Buddies International magazine seem to be in the one country that has for the last seventy years never forgotten Glenn Miller his name ans his music, perhaps due to the fact that he was stationed here in 1944 in Bedford before he left on that fateful flight in the 15th December 1944. He made many broadcasts from the Corn Exchange in Bedford and the co-partners Hall as well as in London from various locations, broadcasting on the AFN and BBC networks during the final months of the war.

His sudden disappearance was a devastating blow for naturally his immediate family but also to the millions of fans he had accumulated from his early days of forming his first band in his civilian days. His rise to fames came after his first band failed after only a few months but was reformed with a number of new musicians early in 1938 this band becoming one of the most popular bands in the United State during the next few years and becoming most popular during the years of 1939 to 1942 achieving numerous hit tunes for that period.

He gave up this successful band at the height of it popularly to join the Army his objective to lead his own band taking his music to the fighting men and women. Many of his musician friends having been drafted into the military.
Following his appointments as a Captain first with the Band of the Training Command he applied to take a band overseas and eventually arrived in the UK on the (27th) June 1944.

Having made many broadcast and performed live concerts throughout the UK on military bases and hospitals he received his orders to take the band to France. Glenn having flown out several days before the band arrived apparently to make sure all necessary billeting and accommdation was arranged. On arrival of his excutive office Don Haynes a few days later who had flown in with the band personnel found that Glenn Miller had never arrived.

This mystery has been the main interest it would seem to book writers and the programme makers for both radio and TV world wide ever since, and whilst never neglecting his music the stories have ranges from an unfortunate accident to outrageous and quite frankly ridiculous claims about what happened to Glenn. Many of these stories having upsetting moment for his family and friend back home not to mention his dedicated fans.

Whilst his music was the greater interest for the aficionados and dedicated fans it seemed to them (us) that the music never went away but in reality the rise in the popular music of the day in the late 1940's and 1950's and the decline of Big band music, Glenn's music was rarely heard on the radio although it became an annual event on the radio to broadcast a programme about his music and his mysterious disappearance with more speculation about what could have happed to him. The story from very early on that most of his fans accepted was that having taken off from RAF Twinwood in poor weather conditions his aircraft whilst flying low (estimated 1500ft) over the English Channel suffered carbarreta icing, causing the engine to stop and the aircraft crashing into the sea with fatal consequences for all on board.

But there were many people who preferred to take the conspiracy road speculating on many theories of what happen to Glenn Miller and blaming the military authorities for covering up the truth as no official announcement was ever published or announced as to what happened to him this leading to even more wild claims from people who said knew exactly what happened to him. These stories being published in many books and publications since his disappearance. Only recently do we know the official report as to what the authorities say happened to Glenn Miller, which is hopefully to be published together with much more information about Glenn Miller and his life including ruling out many of the false stories published about Glenn Miller in many of the books we have thought to have been facts.


The Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia


Today many Bands play Glenn Miller's MusicThe official Bands and the tribute bands and those who include his music in their repertoire

Singer in 2014 Natalie Angst joins the Glenn Miller Orchestra in the USA



In 1967 British musician Syd Lawrence formed his rehearsal band, particularly to play the music of his youth the big bands of the 1930's and 40's in particular Glenn Miller. Within two years he took this orchestra on the road and became an instant success as the country fell in love once again with his superb recreation of Glenn Miller's sound ............................

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The New Glenn Miller Orchestra Scandinavia


Announcement of Glenn Miller Missing December 24th 1944


The Modernaires



The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Glenn Miller Museum Currently under construction in Clarinda Iowa.

Edited version

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The New Glenn Miller Museum was open on at 4pm on June 10th 2010

Dear Pete,

Thank you for directing me to the new page describing Beryl.
Also, on behalf of the Miller family, Alan Cass and the University of Colorado,
we appreciate that you have thoughtfully posted our statement regarding
"The Glenn Miller Conspiracy"
on the Glenn Miller Trust web site. I have bookmarked the site for easy reference, and congratulate you on your efforts.

Warmest regards,

Dennis Spragg.

Glenn Miller Conspiracy.

New Book.



Seriously Flawed!





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Glenn Miller Band In France 1944/45.

Untranslated but high quality film added of Glenn Miller Band and parade in High Wycombe. England July 1944


John Miller Talking in 2004


Twinwood Music Festival

 Part 1.

Glenn Miller and the AAF Orchestra 0n the 29th July 1944 at High Wycombe, England.

Part 2.

Glenn Miller Festival Clarinda 2006 Concert excerpt Tchailovsky's Piano Concerto .

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VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945 from Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.


lenn Mill

GMT says. "Whilst these YouTube films are available they don't in many ways show off the orchestra in a good light. The camera work of course is sometime very poor but more important is the sound quality which is many cases is just unacceptable and does no favours to this orchestra because if this is what this orchestra sounds like for real, I would not rate it very high, which is a pity as I was expecting something better than the previous orchestra leaders output when is some cases was quite brilliant but not all.

There are orchestra's in the UK, Belgium and Sweden that can out class this orchestra but you should be wary when judging their performances on sound quality in particular on YouTube. Only a personal visit to see them perform can you really know how good or bad they are when comparing them to Glenn Miller's original civilian and AAF orchestras.


Studio recording are usually always of good quality, but live performances tell the truth about how good the musicians are."




























































































































































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