Glenn Miller

Twinwood Exhibition



 The work on the control tower has been carried out with obvious care and attention to detail.

The building was structurally sound but over many years it had been left to deteriorate. The roof was leaking, windows and doors missing and broken and many interior fitting rusting away. The exterior hand rails and metal steps leading to the first floor balcony and roof all but gone.

 Now all the windows have been replaced the frames cleaned off and painted. Steel work re-placed and roof made watertight. The exterior walls have been cleaned off and are now painted in camouflage colours, circa 1944. The interior of the building dried out and rewired and fitted out with all new doors and fitments and completely redecorated in original Green and cream walls. Every room of the ground floor now contained many framed photos of Glenn Miller taken in and around the area. A display of wartime uniforms and Glenn Miller memorabilia as well as original juke boxes one of which was playing the music of Glenn Miller which echoed through the building.


Some of the original building close to the tower had themselves been externally decorated with camouflage colours to enhance the overall effect.

This is going to be an ideal place for such organisation as the Glenn Miller Society and other big band societies to hold re-unions and meeting for Glenn Miller fans from around the world, also a venue for the orchestra's playing today the music of Glenn Miller, who will never be forgotten by those of us who were around when he arrived in England to bring that 'hunk of home' to the fighting men serving in Europe.


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