Hello my name is Pete King,

I'm a big band enthusiast who has for the best part of my life, (since a teenager) been a great lover of Big Band music.
With a large collection of records, mainly Glenn Miller and associated bands, I have over the past 55 years been able to share this interest with friends around the UK and since launching this website in 1999, around the world.

Over the years my collection of records and tapes and the equipment to play them on has grown, and it was "build an extension or leave, and take that junk with you" (my wife's words not mine).

So I built myself a studio on the side of the house some years ago, and life is real peaceful now, except when my wife bangs on the wall trying to let me know that she requires me for dinner, or tea, as she rarely sees me these days.

Well it was her suggestion after all.

This web site has been a wonderful way of communicating with people around the world, and I have made contact with many musicians that in the past I have admired and collected their music. I have been able to assist many organisations as well as Musicians, Bandleaders, Broadcasters and programme makers as well as enthusiasts with information, and they have in turn supplied me with much information about those bands and musician they have known.

I hope the contents of this web site will interest you, and that you will write any comments you have, or indeed send me stories or articles you would like to have published on this site and in our magazine. You will fine plenty of links to other great sites connected with Big Bands, and you may also wish to join Big Band Buddies and receive a quarterly magazine full of news and comments from enthusiasts.

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