Ray Eberle-The Story


Ray Eberle-Jan Eberle

(Compilation photo with background of

The Glenn Miller Orchestra)


Jan Eberle

Her book about her father

Ray Eberle

is now published and available.

"Ray's career began during a time in history when the world was unsure
about what its future would hold. People needed to belief in something big
and powerful and make believe. Little did they know how explosive the Big
Band Era would turn out to be and how wonderfully lost they could get in the
magic of the music. The world fell in love with Big Band music and the way
their heart skipped a beat when Glenn Miller began playing 'In The Mood' ...
or when my father, standing ever so close to 'old microphone', began singing
his famous 'Serenade In Blue.'

     My father's singing career spanned forty years and his personal life was
full.  I believe his ability to overcome the many adversities he faced makes
the sum of his life unique and extraordinary. Ray lived through many ups and
downs both professionally and personally. His faith, his family's love and the
love of his fans carried him through.

     Dad was a very funny man, a very loving father and devoted his life,
through good and bad, to his music. I believe he would have wanted me to
share it with you."

Jan   Eberle

"The Eberle Named Ray"

by Jan Eberle

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